Our Approach

Some of the most passionate, motivated people you’ll meet work at Al Jadeeda. Why? Well, for starters, our employees own and operate our company. We take responsibility for whatever we do, and we do it with integrity and heart.Like you, we love print. And like you, we know that our work is a craft, not just a commodity. We keep our prices competitive, but we take the time to understand the soul of your brand. You can see it in our work, and in the faces of our people, the most responsive, service-driven group we think you’ll ever find.

Our Story

Al Jadeeda  has been in business since 2011, but you’d never guess our age. We stay on top of paper industry trends while maintaining a solid tradition of engagement with our clients and their goals.We have  earned repeated recognition for the quality of our work and our concern for the environment.We have a long and proud tradition of giving back—we care about our community and value our relationships with others. We support organizations that benefit people in need and make our world a better place to live and work.

Meet the Team

Sadique Manzar

Founder & CEO

With 10 years in the printing industry, he has gained vast experience handling Printing and Packaging requirements  in the Middle East and Africa. Always on the look out for international trends, he emphasises all jobs measuring up to international standards.He translates his expertise on creating impactful visual identity to help clients in fragrance product packaging and premium packaging.


Mohammad Naushad

Sales & Export Head

Building relationships is the key to better business, sums up Naushad, who has a combined experience of 14 years, working in the Paper industries. He has worked with many clients in the  Printing and Packaging companies which gives him immense knowledge about the market and its flow. In addition, his experience helps him in handling the specialist requirements & promotions.